Together we stand, divided we fall

  • I need to clear my head

    Find a balance

    I need to stop binge drinking and

    go back to reading books

  • You.
    You are strong compared to how weak you have made me

  • its pretty interesting to look back at old photos

    from years ago..

    and see how many “friends” I had.. or that I even belonged to a group.

    its actually quite confusing.

    I’m all alone now..

    but I’m not sad?

  • So you guys I found this bumblebee exactly like this. I was and still am terribly confused. Is it trying to turn right side up?? Why is it pulsating like that ?! Ahhh !? It’s scary honesty. I thought maybe it was being All panicky from being upside down. Idk. I had to flip it back over.

  • IM sorry this looks so creepy ~~

    oh i love it

  • one of my favorite works I’ve done.


  • i looovee this

book mark :#

    i looovee this

    book mark :#

  • Most nauseated moments are not to rid my body of potential toxins or health hazards. Its when I’m tied up in thought, emotionally, when my blood runs thin, my eyes, pulse, I couldn’t stop moving unless I was ceased, internally. I converge the worrisome future. And there will never be a break. Although I, may seem to be the one they say is..Astray. But I have the realization, they don’t. The appearance of each indeed exerts the pressures. Fixedly they stare as if I was the wronged force    I forbid to ever let myself actually exist with them. I need another way out of here. I need another chance? I don’t mind them to be memories of the past. I just need this emotionally induced nausea to languish and never defeat.. What I believe, what I see. Oh it could be. I’m starved, and I’m accustomed to it. I never want to exist with them, but I am. I need my own way out of here. Imagination is shunned, and said to be vain. Living with them, my long list of diabolical mechanisms intend to keep my habits exactly as they are.